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Our Vision & Goals:

Matiya Community (Samaj) today is under the Threat of Extinction as our size is shrinking due to migration all over the world and isolation of some members who live  away from areas concentrated by Matiya’s.

Our goal is to create an association that will function as other tight knit communities.

  • To re-ignite the bonding and enhance networking among Matiyas spread through out the country and in future Worldwide at an International level by means of:
    • Website & Yahoo groups
    • National Directory & World Directory
    • Annual Conventions, Seniors Meets, Youth Activities, Eligible Singles Meets etc.
  • Create an association that help our youth become good leaders and better citizens in their community and make positive contribution to our society by helping them:
    • Maintaining thier identity, traditions, culture &  values.
    • Integration into mainstream America and elsewhere without losing touch with our roots.
    • Galvanize the lost pride among Matiya’s (….Proud to be a Matiya!)
    • Create opportunity to share the tremendous wealth of knowledge, expertise & talent among Matiya’s.
    • Youth Programs (Entertainment, Sports , Education) in US.
    • Help line (CPA’s, Doctor’s, Attorneys, Realtors, Motel Owners, Immigration etc.
    • Scholarships & Awards
    • Gujarati-  And Other Indian Language Learning Programs
    • Improve and help elevate status of Matiyas back home (Education, Health etc.)
  • Create a programs to help members.
    • Seniors Programs (Nursing help, Senior Get together etc)