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As a Non-Profit Organization our group’s success is dictated by the amount of support given by all of its members. In the past all of you have supported the organization in various ways whether it be financially or physically volunteering to help organize events and functions and we sincerely appreciate all the help that members have provided thus far.

However, the fact remains that when an amazing organization such as Matiya World is born it requires tremendous resources to grow and expand. Like a parent provides the necessary resources to its young in order for him or her to grow up strong, independent and successful so to must we sustain and support the efforts of our fellow Matiya World leaders before us. Without those unconditional essentials our beautiful organization may not only fail to grow but may also cease to exist.

In an effort to preserve and grow the Matiya heritage that we are all so proud to be a part of, the current Matiya World Board of Directors introduces a changed Annual Membership Program for all of our members. Before and after every Convention we receive feedback regarding the registration pricing and we listened. Going forward with a successful Membership enrollment we promise to keep such registration fees at a bare minimum.

Benefits tied to the Annual Membership Program:

  1. All paid members will have access to the discounted registration fees offered for all the events organized by Matiya World including the Bi-Annual Matiya Convention.
  2. All paid members will be given a free copy of the new Matiya World Directory when published. (New Directory publishing is in process and scheduled to be distributed in early 2015).

Cost of the Annual Membership:

$ 151.00/year/family** – Please note this amount is per family regardless of how many members a family has.

** Family shall be defined as all individuals residing at one common United States or Canada postal address.

For information contact Tejash R. Patel: 949.394.6984 |